“Being a campus captain means I get to connect with a group of people who have similar experiences as me and form friendships during my time as a student-athlete. The resources available with THO are amazing and have helped me get through my best and worst moments as a collegiate athlete. With this organization, I have formed a new family, one that I will have for the rest of my days. I’m so thankful for this experience and to be able to share the knowledge and resources with my school and teammates on a topic that is so important to all of us –mental health in athletics!” – Nina Kucheran, Florida State University, Swimming

“The Campus Captain program has changed my life. I no longer feel shame about my own battle with anxiety –it makes me no less of an athlete, no less of a teammate. I’m still me. This acceptance has encouraged me to advocate for myself, my teammates, and every athlete who has felt pressure to be “mentally tough” instead of asking for help. Talking about mental health is the first step in breaking the stigma. I am so proud to be part of such a groundbreaking organization of athletes willing to put themselves out there. The most important thing the Hidden Opponent community has taught me is that we are never alone.” – Katie Salenius, Smith College, Women’s Soccer

“Being a campus captain has opened my eyes to the many realities of mental health in student-athletes, and this amazing group has enabled me to show more empathy towards those who are injured. This group truly has been life changing. ” – Nathan Klimisch, Benectdine Men’s Volleyball

Being part of the campus captains program through THO gave me the opportunity to gain confidence in talking about the mental health issues student athletes face. Before joining this program, talking about mental health was something I did very rarely because I was worried about the negative feedback I might face. I was in the “trap” that seeming vulnerable would negatively impact myself as an student athlete. I always knew I wanted to be apart of the discussion of mental health in student athletes. I remember seeing the THO Instagram account posting about the campus captains program. I took the chance and applied for it. I’m so glad I did because THO changed my life. It gave me the opportunity to start a new chapter in my mental health journey. The campus captains program provides an irreplaceable opportunity to be part of the discussion around mental health and break down the stigma, all of which taught me how to discuss these topics in a way that I don’t feel nervous about. THO has shown me that there is nothing to be worried about when sharing my story and helped me see the strength in my story, that vulnerability was actually a strength in me. I have also learned how to spread knowledge, advice, and support to other student athletes through their personal battles with mental health issues. I have been able to increase the discussion of mental health in the community around me. I have seen the positive impact of having these conversations on my campus and with my team. I wouldn’t trade my involvement with THO for anything in the world. I’m so grateful for this opportunity. I have gained so much through my time with THO. I’m so thankful for the friends that have been gained through this. THO has given me a whole new strength that I never had before.” – Morgan Philliber, Women’s Soccer

“Being a campus captain for me is all about letting others know they aren’t alone. I want to spread as much awareness for mental health, and really break through the stigma that men don’t suffer from it. It’s okay to not always be okay” – Tyler Lewin, Ursinus Men’s Soccer

Through being a Campus Captain for The Hidden Opponent, I have been given the opportunity to spread the word about mental health in athletes across my campus. I have worked with my Athletic Department and SAAC to invite speakers to campus and implement resources, which are now available to not only our student-athletes, but other students as well. I have met so many athletes from different backgrounds and from across the country and learned so much from them. I am forever grateful to the team at The Hidden Opponent for this opportunity and everything I have learned on this journey.” – Kelly Reynolds, Carroll University, Women’s Volleyball

Becoming a Campus Captain was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. After following THO for a year or so, I decided to become a CC after meeting a few other student-athletes who were involved. THO has given me a community of endless support and passion. I’ve gained knowledge that not only helped myself get out of a dark period, but also to help other athletes at my college as well.” – Arla Davis, Ithaca College, Field Hockey

My experience as a campus captain has been nothing short of amazing. I get to connect with beautiful and talented athletes around me and across the country. Being a campus captain allows me to continue advocating for mental illness while also being a part of something way bigger than me.” – Julia Bowes, Rowan University, Women’s Volleyball

I had so much fun meeting athletes from all over, and really enjoyed learning from all of the resources that THO had to offer. It was a great experience, and really helped a lot of my teammates and fellow student athletes.” – Alexa Simonetti, Stockton University, Women’s Soccer

“The Hidden Opponent has been an absolute blast so far. Even though events have been limited due to COVID-19, I was still able to bond with many of my fellow campus captains through zoom meetings and discussions! Bonding with campus captains from different areas across the country has been such a cool experience. I am also very grateful for the many resources available for us so that we can continue educating ourselves and then educating our teammates!” – Tori Stuart, Millikin University, Women’s Volleyball