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Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA

“Everyone is going through something we can’t see” – Kevin Love, NBA Champion

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White House photo by Eric Draper

“For the longest time I thought asking for help was a sign of weakness because that’s kind of what society teaches us. Well you know what? If someone wants to call me weak for asking for help, that’s their own problem because I’m saving my own life” – Michael Phelps, 23 time Olympic Gold Medalist

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By Alex Jagendorf, NYU

“To show weakness. we’re told, in so many words, is to deserve shame. But I am here to show weakness, and I am not ashamed” – Mardy Fish, Professional Tennis Player


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By Keith Allison

“Nobody sees that I’m weak but inside I’m going through a lot and hell’s turning over” – Kelly Oubre Jr, NBA

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“I’m seeing a couple doctors and speaking to people, and letting people know what I’m dealing with, how difficult the grieving process is” – Joey Votto, MLB

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“I know talking about mental health is a difficult subjet matter to many people, but I hope me being honest about my illness offers others some support and helps people realize they are not alone” – Jack Green, Track and Field 2x Olympian UK

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Own Work by Michael Miller

“I want to help make a difference and help others the way I have been helped. I want people to know there is hope in desperation, there is healing in facing an ugly past and there is no shame in involving others in your battle” – Robin Lehner, NHL


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“I found that with depression, one of the most important things that you can realize is you’re not alone. You’re not the first to go through it. You’re not going to be the last to go through it” – Dwayne Johnson, WWE/Actor


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“We’re out of our comfort zone with depression. I certainly was and whenever I have bad days and whenever i have bad days now I speak with someone to get it off my chest. I have no shame telling that and that’s why I’m here today”- Ricky Hatton, Boxer UK

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“The ability to be vulnerable to be able to go out and talk about it. If you are struggling with mental health and you don’t let people know it’s going to eat you alive. You have to let it out, you have to talk about it, and be vulnerable with it” – Aubrey Huff, 2x World Series Champion

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“Embrace differences and be proud of our differences. Im talking about the person inside of you… I’m talking about anxiety, depression, addiction. Those end up as the result of having low self-esteem. I struggled with this as well as addiction to drugs, depression, and anxiety. Until I looked in the mirror and learned to love myself, nothing changed” – Steve Weatherford, Super Bowl Champion