Our Partners

We are proud to partner with the following organizations:

Granity Studios

Geese Are Never Swans, written by the late Kobe Bryant, tells the story of a young swimmer, Gus, as he works towards his Olympic dreams, but also deals with mental health issues throughout the journey. The Hidden Opponent is listed as a resource at the end of the book along with the Michael Phelps Foundation. Kobe Bryant was an early supporter of The Hidden Opponent and expressed his interest in getting involved before his tragic passing in January of 2020.

Interview With Victoria Garrick

Mindset Training Institute

Mindset Training Institute was founded by our Advisory Board Member, Dr. Arman Taghizadeh, a former Division 1 athlete. Dr. T is now a Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist and Sports Psychiatrist. Mindset Training Institute offers programs and seminars that directly target the needs of athletes, coaches, parents of elite athletes, sports medicine professionals, and athletes sustaining significant injuries. 


The Scooty Fund

The Scooty Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to promote, support and advance culture surrounding mental health and wellness in ways that enhance the lives and well-being of young people. The Scooty Fund pillars of action include social media connection, mental health education and crisis-prevention resources/research funding. The Scooty Fund graciously donated funds to allow many of our Campus Captains to participate in the Mood Lifters mental wellness program.

Galea Health

Galea connects athletes with tailored mental health and mental performance support. Galea’s network of therapists and performance coaches understand the athlete experience and are passionate about supporting athletes on and off the field. Alongside their provider network, Galea advocates for mental health in the athlete community by publishing stories and sharing resources. Galea is a platform founded by athletes, for athletes.


MyHuddle is a mission-driven startup that makes sports psychology coaching accessible to student-athletes right from their phone. They offer 1:1 coaching via text and video cha, group-based workshops, and on-demand online resources. As a partner of The Hidden Opponent, Campus Captains were given early access to the platform at a discounted rate. A handful of Campus Captains have provided the MyHuddle team with thoughtful feedback to help the early development of the program.

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Win The Mental Game

Founded by two former collegiate athletes, The Athlete’s Edge Daily Journal aims to give you the edge over your competition. The journal was created as a self-development and self-empowerment tool to provide you with the intangibles that can’t be found in training. Win The Mental Game hopes grow mental toughness through the power of positive psychology and goal setting.

Our Minds Matter

Our Minds Matter is a non-profit based in the greater Washington, DC area. In honor of Josh Anderson, Our Minds Matter has created a student-led movement to change high school culture around mental health. The organization partnered with The Hidden Opponent in November 2020 for a month of programming for “Movember,” Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month.

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Sidelined USA

Sidelined USA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that exists to reunite permanently sidelined student-athletes with their passions and equip them to find a meaningful way forward through resources, connection, and new pursuits. Sidelined USA inspires permanently sidelined athletes to face the obstacle imposed on them, adapt, and overcome. The Sidelined USA team engages in original research, education, and advocacy initiatives to raise awareness for improved after-care of medically disqualified athletes.

Mood Lifters

Crafted by PhDs and former student athletes, Mood Lifters is a 15 week mental wellness program devoted to improving wellbeing. The platform recently began offering a specific group for athletes. Thanks to generous donors, we were able to offer the MoodLifters program to our Campus Captains for free or at a very discounted rate.

UCSD Eating Disorder Center

UCSD’s Eating Disorders Center is a university-based nonprofit devoted to research, treatment, and education surrounding eating disorders. Their mission is to “improve the lives of sufferers and their families—both at our facilities and around the world–through the creation, dissemination, and practice of cost-effective, evidence-based treatment.”

Yoga Athletex

Yoga Athletex is an athletic training facility based in Houston, Texas that offers a sports specific yoga and breath work program. The founders of Yoga Athletex are former collegiate athletes turned wellness enthusiasts. Through partnership with The Hidden Opponent, they offer virtual memberships at a discounted rate to Campus Captains.

CACE Answers

CACE Answers is a nonprofit organization that offers free compliance and transfer advice to prospective and current student-athletes. CACE was founded by a former D1 athlete, and an attorney with NCAA compliance experience. As a completely autonomous organization, CACE strives to provide student-athletes with the necessary knowledge to navigate the college athletic landscape without risking retribution from their coach or compliance department.