Meet the Team

Victoria Garrick

Founder & CEO

Victoria Garrick is former Division I athlete who had a successful career on the USC Women’s Volleyball team from 2015-2019. Since delivering her 2017 TED Talk, “Mental Health in Athletes: The Hidden Opponent,” she has become a passionate advocate for mental health and body-image. Victoria founded The Hidden Opponent to create a strong community and unified platform for the many student-athletes who face mental health issues.

Leeann Passaro

Chief Operating Officer

Leeann Passaro was a student-athlete at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. She has struggled with anxiety and depression, especially after dealing with various concussions from sports. After graduating in May 2020, Leeann will be an English Teaching Fellow at Berkeley Preparatory in Tampa, Florida. She is looking forward to coaching soccer and lacrosse and earning her Masters Degree in Education. Outside of athletics, Leeann loves reading, writing, film editing, and fishing!

Jamila Johnson

Research Coordinator

Jamila Johnson is a former D1 volleyball player from Furman University. After receiving her degree, she continued on to get her Master’s degree in Community Engaged Medicine, where she dedicated her thesis to uncovering the stigma of mental health in student-athletes. By combining her education and personal experiences, she plans on advocating for the student-athlete community.

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