Our Mission

Together We Will Face #TheHiddenOpponent

We are an accredited non-profit and advocacy group that raises awareness for student-athlete mental health and addresses the stigma within sports culture. We empower athletes around the world to face the hidden opponent together.

What We Do


We believe that all student-athletes should be able to speak openly about their mental health experiences without worrying about being judged or viewed as weak. Our platform help’s amplify the voices and needs of student- athletes.


We will bring light to the many issues and struggles that student-athletes face, raising awareness to break the stigma of mental health in athletic culture. We hope to give athletic programs, clubs, and society a different perspective on the student-athlete lifestyle.


This community is a safe space for all student-athletes to feel heard, supported, and loved.


If you are interested in helping The Hidden Opponent support student-athletes around the world, donate today! All donations are used to help raise awareness for student-athlete mental health and support our student-athletes.